THEIA Partners

THEIA Partners, a European consulting company based in Paris, is helping banks, financial institutions and companies to set up and maintain their business and regulatory information supply chain. Its consultants provide project management skills, with an expertise in the reporting process, for better risk and performance management.

Financial and extra-financial information processed by companies, financial institutions and regulators must meet increased transparency and clarity requirements.

  • Increased supervision, with proliferation of reports and indicators.
  • Tighter deadlines for producing or analysing data.
  • Harmonisation of technical standards and regulatory reguirements in Europe or around the World.
  • Interoperability of presentations and electronic communication standards.

THEIA Partners, assists regulators, banks, insurance companies and the financial management teams of major companies in handling these changes.

Déesse THEIAIn Greek mythology, the Titaness Theia gave birth to three children of the light, Helios, Selene and Eos. In order to improve the clarity, transparency and readability of data and indicators, THEIA Partners provides assistance in projects aimed at optimising the regulatory and management financial information chain.

Our assistance (consultancy, project management and business analysis) is based upon the three stages of the information chain: generation, analysis and circulation.
THEIA Partners’ team members, who specialise in finance and management:

  • Contribute their methodological, regulatory or standards expertise.
  • Contribute their professional expertise and share best practices.
  • Carry out impact assessment studies, make recommendations and analyse organisational, functional and technological solutions.
  • Provide assistance with project management.

THEIA Partners develops six practices of excellence :
Financial Communication, Risk Management, Financial Markets, Process Management, Project Management and Excellence Leadership.

As THEIA Partners specialises in reporting and regulatory information chains, it has developped a recognised expertise in European regulatory environment issues.
In this context, we are involved in the work performed by the European Supervisroy Authorities : EBA (banking), EIOPA (Insurance) and ESMA (securities). We also ave a deep expertise with XBRL.

FOCUS ON XBRL, the universal financial communication standard

XBRL, or eXtensible Business Reporting Language, is the universal financial communication standard.

THEIA Partners actively promotes XBRL as a powerful means to improve processes and data quality. Our teams participated in the COREP (Basel II/III), FINREP (IFRS) and S2QRT (Solvabily II) regulatory projects for banking groups and insurance companies in Europe and abroad. They developed XBRL training in France, Europe and Morocco. THEIA Partners is also working with regulators, business registers and financial data providers in Europe, where XBRL becomes a day-to-day reality.

THEIA Partners is a direct member of XBRL Europe and chair of the xEBR WG (XBRL Europe Business Registers Working Group).